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Welcome to purchase negotiation, we will work together with you to build a green earth


Hangzhou Sunshine Chemical Co.,Ltd was established in 1993,and has been committed to the development and production of acid dyes.

Honesty and mutual benefit are our business principles.

Service Concept

    Adhering to the concept of compliance and sustainable development,the company removes harmful chemicals from the source and reduces the impact on people and the environment through on-site control of the production process,so as to provide safe and efficient dyeing chemicals for the textile industry.

About Sunshine Chemicals

Product responsibility management 

    As a bluesign SYSTEM PARTNER, we carry out input flow management during the production process of all products, and strictly test and control all kinds of raw materials to ensure that the purchased raw materials meet the requirement of relevant prohibited substances and restricted substances; Implementing strict process flow and process detection and monitoring in production process; Using labor protection articles that meet the ensure product quality and reduce the environmental impacts on the employees’ healthy; practising legal and compliance disposal and discharge of the three wastes; through the control, testing and supervision of the entire production process from raw materials to production, we reduce the impacts of products on the environment ,health & safety .

Continuous improvement is the essence of corporate culture


Multi market, multi-channel, running through the upstream, middle and downstream of the industrial chain, continuous innovation, and taking providing environmentally friendly products and protecting the environment as its own responsibility.
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